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Change the way you cook outside forever with Cru Ovens.
Innovative designs, premium materials, and superior quality describe all Cru ovens and products. Slow down, light the fire, and spend a lifetime exploring cooking not only the best wood-fired pizzas of your life, but absolutely everything else using true wood-fired flavor.


1. The Lifestyle

Wood-fired cooking is more than just a delicious and fun way to cook food. Being outside and spending time with your friends and family, enjoying your favorite beverage, listening to your favorite music, hearing the sound and smell of the fire and, of course, eating the best tasting wood-fired food is what we at Cru love. Whether having a party on the weekend or breaking the week up with a mid-week wood-fired oven session, Cru ovens will enhance your life in ways that are truly special. The Cru 30 gives you the perfect reason to turn your phone off, get outside, de-stress and eat delicious wood-fired food.

2. Versatile

Most of us (ourselves included) all start with wood-fired pizzas. All of our ovens make great pizza but pizza is really just the start of the wood-fired cooking journey. You can cook almost anything in your Cru oven — seafood, chicken, fish, steaks — almost anything. With the Cru 30, you can use oven safe cookware, grill baskets, or scrape the coals forward over the stone and cook directly on the coals. The only limitation of the Cru 30 is your imagination.

3. Taste

Wood-fired cooking is the best tasting method for cooking pizza and practically everything else. Have you ever seen a pizza restaurant that advertises gas oven pizza? We doubt it. The umami flavor that wood-fire brings to food is second to none. Explore using different types of wood for different flavors profiles in your food. The combinations are limitless and the results delicious when you cook with true wood-fired flavor.

4. Easy

If you have ever built a campfire or a fire in your fireplace at home, then you are ready for wood-fired cooking. With the sound of the fire crackling and the comforting and warming smells coming from the wood smoke, your DNA knows that good things are happening, that you are going to eat. Re-connect with your ancient self and start cooking with fire.

5. Quality

Most ovens in this price range are almost exclusively made in China, with quality that can be less than desired. You deserve better. All Cru ovens are 100% handmade in Portugal using premium materials, providing a lifetime of use and enjoyment. We are so confident in the quality of our products that if your oven arrives and you are not satisfied for any reason, return it for free within 14 days for a full refund. 

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I’ve had mine for a few months now and I couldn’t imagine life without it - from personal pizza pies to chicken on a cast iron pan or apple pies & cookies, this oven does it all. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for that finishing touch in their backyard this summer!

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Ben A.

If you made it this far

Then you just might be ready to start cooking with fire. As a thank you from us at Cru Ovens please use Discount Code CRU10 for 10% off of your first order.

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The portability mixed with how well it works is amazing. I have cooked breads, cookies and others with no problem in this little beast. And the price point holy cow. You can’t get anything like this for that price.

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Bennie BBQ


Building a fire in the Cru is easy!

wood fired oven how to
wood fired oven how to
wood fired oven how to
wood fired oven how to
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