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Cru 8-12" Premium Carolina White Oak Cooking Wood

Cru pizza oven uses only 100% sustainably sourced white oak, which is harvested exclusively from North and South Carolina. Our wood is naturally cured and expertly seasoned to ensure a consistent and optimal burn every time. The splits are 8-12" long, ideal for use in the Cru 32G2, the Cru Champion, and our Pro Series Ovens. By using our top-quality wood, you can achieve a better fire, get superior results, and have more fun making your favorite pizzas and more.

  • 18 to 22 pounds of per box
  • 100% Sustainably Sourced from North & South Carolina
  • Perfect size = a perfect burn

Why Choose Oak?

  • High heat output: Oak wood is a dense hardwood that burns at a high temperature, producing a lot of heat. This makes it ideal for pizza ovens.
  • Long-lasting burn: Oak wood burns slowly and evenly, producing a long-lasting fire that can be maintained for hours. This is important for pizza ovens, as they need to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process.
  • Aromatic flavor: Oak wood also has a pleasant aroma that can impart a unique flavor to the pizza. This is particularly true when using oak wood that has been aged and dried properly.
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